Can Your Dog Help You Find The Right Relationship?

Relationship rescue with rover? What is your dog telling you about your dating choices or lack of them? Okay, some people may be laughing already thinking I know what mine is telling me, “open the door stupid and let me out, I have to pee.”  Others bark for biscuits CONSTANTLY, like mine do. The quirky traits that we might find adorable but your new or on going partner may think otherwise.

Like children, if they’re not yours at the onset, it’s sometimes something that needs to grow on you, or not! Dating and dog ownership can tell you quite a bit yourself and who YOU’RE dating, and sometimes how long the relationship is meant to be. 

Most die heart dog owners will stand readily on their soap box and warn, that if you don’t dig their dog, then there’s the door! But hang on… is that right? Maybe drawing a line in the sand over pet allergies sufferers, or partners who fuss over too much dog hair, are good indicators of trouble spot issues elsewhere. Or maybe you need to change your approach. Dating can create insights over your “deal breaking” issues however, maybe it can also teach the opposites to attract. Does the significant other in your life have to be a dog or animal crazy person to really be truly compatible? Well, after years of training people in their homes, I will say it helps. However, it’s not a major deal breaker. I’ve seen great relationships evolve where one person was not a great lover of animals and grew to love the pet they lived with.

As a trainer, who teaches owners and dogs together how to live in true mutt-rimony, often the deal breaker with dating couples, becomes more about the approach the person (owning the dog) in the new couple, then the dog. Yup, this is where a little gentle patience comes in handy and little reverse psychology.

Over the many years of teaching people, I found that people who were not experienced dog people just needed a little time and bonding before they warmed up to the wet nose. Therefore, giving the new person rights, or at least a little say… in matters, such as, who sleeps in the bed, can go a long way. I found that when I taught new couples, the non “dog” person was eager to learn, but needed time to adjust. 

Doing a re-train or a brush up in obedience, on a leash, with your dog or joining a group class (as a three some)  is a very helpful tool for bonding. It actually helped the new couple learn insights to each others personality.

It time the dog hair, slobber, and the occasional goose hello, seemed to be acceptable after a while, just not initially. So my die hard single pet loving owners, be gentle and respectful of dates who may not LOVE your dog immediately.

My tip: Make it more about your date, then the dog, at least at first. lol.