Check Out Today’s Amazing Pets. Perrrfect.

People ask me all the time, where to get a great pet. My answer is always shelters or rescue foundations. Well, you can see for your yourself what’s waiting for you at pet adoption events and shelters around the country.

I shot these pictures at today’s event. This amazing kitty was in her cage in front of a grocery store. Perhaps they were all Super Model’s in their former lives? Photogenic perfection is what you can find at adoptions. She is just hanging out, waiting for her new person to appear.


Handsome is an understatement with this gentleman. His name is Arnold and available for adoption. So as you can see, forget the internet or expensive breeders. Go check out your local adoption events and shelters. You’ll save money, find love and magic will appear.

All of these amazing pets young, perfectly healthy, and with amazing temperaments! So if you’re looking for your next pet, do it the fun way and go check out your local shelter or foundation, it’s free!

All of these beauties are available to take home now.

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