Dog Safety Tips For Halloween

A few tips that might help keep everyone safe!

Exercise your dog before the trick or treat begins. If you’re short on time, a 10 minute fetch game will help too.

Know your dog. It’s better to be safe then sorry. Think in advance. Think about what you are going to do this evening with your dog. If your dog is hyperactive, older, a young teething puppy or very introverted then it’s probably best to gate your dog. Putting your dog in a room with the door shut can create separation anxiety. So baby-gating your dog within a room is best. Music is key. This will mellow your dog and set the tone to a calmer mood. Then you can treat your dog to his favorite chew bone.

Never leave your dog outdoors in the yard on Halloween! This is a bad thing to do. No matter what size your dog is, this is teaching your dog to protect your territory and potentially get teased or hurt. They could even hurt a child who may open the gate by mistake. All animals should be indoors on Halloween.

If you want your dog to be apart of the party, do it safely. Have your dog on a leash with you. Yes, even in the house for an hour. That way you can answer the door and guide your dog to sit and stay as a trick and then treated! Teach your dog to sit and stay at the front door on a leash. Use it as a great training opportunity!

No chocolate or candy allowed.

Oh, and keep cats inside tonight. Happy Halloween!