Hot New Kid Christmas Toy, That What? Oh,You Might Already Have One At Home.


What’s the hottest toy to get your kid for the holidays?

Crazy, but true. The hottest toy for the holidays may take you by surprise. It retails at Walmart for $25.00 to $30.00, kids are going wild for it. What is it?  You may even have one at home, that does it naturally. It’s a Dachshund that poops! Yup, check it out.


Dachshund Doggie Doo Game

The world renown pooping dog game! In Germany it’s called Kackel Dackel, which means Pooping Dachshund. Kid’s are flipping out over this. Maybe this will help teach other family members to help with the real family dog.

You can get it on-line:

 What are your thoughts about this? Do you dig it, or not?  Tell us what you think!  Would you get this toy for your kid?