Overly Babying Your Dog, Can Do What?

Overly babying your dog, can do what!? Well, from a dog training standpoint spoiling your dog can produce some crazy behavior issues. Now, I’m not suggesting giving your dog less love. LOVE is very different then spoiling. Some people get confused, misunderstand and mix these concepts up. I’m referring to over indulging certain daily activities such as over treating, ill-timed affection, and how you feed your dog, all can send your dog a message that (in time) can create the B.R.A.T. You know, the dog that growls when certain people go too close to a toy, bark like crazy for C.O.O.K.I.E.S.

Sound familiar? I’ll give you another example. Dogs who become finicky eaters can be trained to be that way by, you know who. How?

Providing too many options, leaving food out, and coaxing can produce a huge mixed signal for a dog. This owner indulgence can again over time, lead to potential food aggression and a ton of other unwanted behaviors.

The same problem, of overindulgence, can develop with needing to give equal affection to multiple dogs. Sometimes, even with owning multiple dogs it’s alright to treat them differently. Some require more attention in certain areas and others more exercise. Trying to always create them equal (especially with the timing) of affection and treats can create competition and occasionally aggression.

Dogs in general love routines. They actually want YOU to put them on a schedule, feeding and otherwise. Many owners look to their dog to indicate what they want, rather than the other way around. Remember, meeting your dogs needs of love, exercise, playtime, and fun outings with you, training is love. 

Hmmm, just a little food for thought!