Paws For A Minute® Holiday Ideas: Dog Greeting Guests. Sorry, I Meant Goosing.

Feng Shui with Fido™ and get into the flow of the holidays! Attention all dog lovers! Here are some gift ideas with benefits.  I often integrate my training techniques into daily life activities. During the holidays that means entertaining!

 For some households the word entertaining is actually passing out lint brushes as party favors, others have goosing guest episodes and a few have to apologize for the mysteriously missing hors d’oeuvres. Most people, however, own dogs that like to simulate NFL tryouts and tackle guests at the front door. If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, then this tip is for you.


Get a beautiful dog cookie jar and keep it by the front door along with a leash. As the doorbell rings, with grace, put your dogs leash on, say sit and stay.  Take a dog biscuit and gesture the letter “J” with the hand holding the treat. That is the hand signal for sit. Your dog will follow the scent of the cookie and sit. The focus will be on the hand signal and the cookie rather than the tackle. Smile and open the door.  This way, both your dog and your guest will receive a treat.

Cool treat jar: