Taking Your Dog Home For Thanksgiving? Must-Have Travel Tips.

Paws for a Minute® Travel
Hey everyone! I hope you like my new website format. Many of you may be traveling over the holidays and deciding to bring your dog. The following are a few tips to help you get organized before you travel.

To Do List: Travel

1. Get your dog ready for travel by creating a space within your house and doing a gating exercise with a baby gate. Teaching your dog to get used to being in a smaller space before your travel is a good idea. Dogs are by nature den animals and LOVE small spaces. So getting a baby gate and doing a gating exercise while your home for 20 minutes will really help get your dog ready for a new environment.

2. Time feed your dog. This is important for housebreaking. Even if your dog is housebroken at your house, the holidays are always chaotic and keeping your dog on  a schedule will help potty accidents in a new environment.

3. Bring your own dog food or make sure where you are traveling to has your brand. Switching a dogs food suddenly can create horrible problems. Best to be on the safer side than sorry.

4. Make sure you bring music! An i-pod or sound machine will really help when leaving your dog in a new environment and prevent barking or separation anxiety if you go out or to a movie during the holidays.


1. Check your dog’s name tag and all information is updated. Make an extra name tag to have with you just in case the one falls off and you have a spare.

2. Get a vet check and update shots.