Quick Dog Training Tip

Many owners often complain that their dog has tuned them out. Puppy’s and teenage dogs have their own issues, as we know. The mature dog, however, grows to know you and your household like any old soul but even with perfection every know and then some kinks can creep in to your relationship. Sometimes, like with most fabulous friendships familiarity can breed… well you know, contentment. Another word that could be used is flat out laziness! So how do you spice things up again, other than to use bribery of the T.R.E.A.T?

Paws for a Minute® Quick Dog Training TIp Put your dog on a leash for just a few minutes, every so often, and walk around your house. This is a great way to achieve eye contact and practice heeling without any distractions! Occasionally, stop and say “sit” while gently lifting up on the leash. Then have a love fest. I know your dog may look at you like you are loco but there is a method to this madness.

The leash helps connect your voice to movement and helps reemphasize the eye contact for your dog. A simple 5 minute exercise you can do in your home that will have a huge impact within a few weeks! It is also a short exercise that can help re establish the connection to action. Your dog will go from lazy too Lassie in a matter of a few weeks. I know it sounds a little crazy, but it really works. Simple. No treats. Just focus and love.