Your Pregnancy and the Family Dog: Are You Ready? 7 Questions…

Getting ready for baby may go beyond getting the perfect crib and proper car seat. To get your babe with big ears and a tail ready for the big day, may be become a source of anxiety. Most new mom’s to-be can have some concerns with how their dog is going to adjust.

Concern’s many parents to-be have range from wanting to teach their dog not to go into the new baby’s room and mark to craving a fix for pre-existing problems way before the baby arrives, so that everything is perfect. Issues can vary depending on the age of your dog and it’s socialization and training with and around children, and even training around food!

However, for most new parents the main goal becomes just wanting the “homecoming” of their new child to be “problem free.” The key element to initially address is establishing a routine for your dog. Having a routine helps organize you and your dog to the upcoming lifestyle change. The baby’s arrival means nighttime feedings, new people coming over to your house (to say hello to the baby) and basic overall adjustment to your lifestyle. Therefore, the best place to start with dog training is to begin with making a list of what you envision as to the new rules and what may need a makeover.

  1. Is your dog totally housebroken?
  2. Do you have a jumping problem with your pup?
  3. Is he or she spayed or neutered?
  4. Does your dog have issue around food bowls, toys or the bed?
  5. Furniture, yes or no? Allowing your dog up on the couch can be a big topic among couples causing a debate.
  6. Exercise? Is it enough, or does your dog need more?
  7. Does your dog listen to you?

Solution: A good place to begin is to address one issue at a time, relating to your dog and training. The key to success sans anxiety is to get the list of issues articulated and clear especially to know “what” specifically they are, before your baby is born and comes home! Many owners aren’t clear they are either overly cautious or not cautious enough. Remember, your dog is a family member and could be great with you and other adults yet may need some new socialization training when it comes to being around small children. Start by answering the questions yes or no style, first. In the coming days, I will give solutions to the above questions in our Paws For A Minute® pregnancy and family blog dog series, throughout February, stay tuned! Happy Valentines Day!