New Dog Owners And A Common Mistake

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New dog owners, listen up!  Bringing home your new baby with the big ears and wet nose does not mean seeing how or what he will do. The number one mistake new dog owners do it they tend to “see” how smart their new dog is rather than guide their new dog-a-ish-is family member through a new process of introducing them to into a “new home.”  Sometimes that means bringing them back to puppyhood even if just for a few weeks! I have some awesome tips for people who have just rescued a dog from a shelter.


 People training: 1. Remember that puppies and even adult dogs that are going to a new home need a transitional space before having your entire house to hang out in. This area can be a gated space within your home, which will help a new dog acclimated to their new environment. This space can be introduced slowly for short increments of time.


 2. Why? Dogs need to get used to their owner’s daily patterns of leaving and returning home.


 3. Training your new dog to hang out in your home should actually be done when you are home, first! Using a boundary, such as a baby gate, while your home helps establish a boundary and allows you to correct any separation anxiety behaviors. Doing so, for the first few days and for short increments of time, helps teach your new dog to self-soothe and learn how to be at home alone.