Dog Safety Tips For 4th of July!

Paws For A Minute: 4th of July

Dog Safety Tips

Preparation is key.

- Tire your dog out before the fireworks. Walk, run, fetch or hike will do the trick.

- Access your dogs temperament. Dominant or submissive? Young or old? This will help you make a plan as to whether your dog should be with you to watch the fire works or not.


- If your dog is joining your BBQ and firework festivities then best to have your dog on a leash, always!

- Leaving your pup at home? Water, loud music, and in a gated space. Providing your dog with a space within your house will help reduce any anxiety. Music or leaving the t.v on will help mute out any loud sounds of fireworks. Dogs are den animals and they love small spaces. If your dog is used to a crate and feels safe being in one, then crate your dog with music.