About Inger Martens

Inger Martens created Paws For A Minute® Productions, Inc in 2009. Her production company creates multi-media oriented content that is fast becoming the go-to source for all dog owners. In 2010, she released her newest brand of edutainment, PawsforaMinute.com.

Paws For A Minute® is the online source where she offers her unique combination of self-help, shopping and entertainment. Here she unleashes her branded combination of quick dog owner tips with the use of pet products and adds the flavor of a "lifestyle friendly" twist to her teachings. This concept and her family friendly ideology helped form Inger’s branded method of dog training Feng Shui with Fido™.

Inger and her dog training teachings have captured International attention and Hollywood’s "A List". Big-wig corporations such as IAMS and Westwood One, celebs, new moms, and even people who own a C-A-T dig her quick, entertaining tips.

Since the early 90’s Inger Martens has become Hollywood’s best-kept secret, training the "A list" celebs and their dogs. She jokingly refers to these clients as simply "normal people with great jobs!" You know, normal people like Will Ferrell, Kevin Costner, Mandy Moore, Jim Carrey, Julie Andrews, Perez Hilton, and many others. "Designing the best environment for my clients and their dogs includes teaching them how, when, where and why to use what products with the proper training tips."

She has a magnetic "you can’do it" spirit and offers simple pet solutions to complex dog owner problems. The New York Post called Inger Martens "the Super Nanny of Pets!" Humor and fun solutions were the catalyst to Inger being named the best dog trainer in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine (Best of L.A. issue).

Inger’s foray into the canine world began at the early age of 5. She had an acute understanding that her family’s hyperactive poodle, Timmy, was not a bad dog, but just a misguided dog that didn’t realize what people wanted from him. By the age of 12, Inger had begun her career in dog training with her first dog, a German Shepherd named Rex. Together with Rex, Inger effortlessly graduated from basic obedience and soon progressed through advanced, agility, utility, conformation and off leash dog training principles. Inger’s accomplishments with Rex did not go unnoticed. It was not long before her neighbors were soliciting her advice in teaching their dogs, and thus a business was born.

Inger went on to study Mass Communications and Human Psychology at the University of Denver, where she earned her B.A. Shortly after graduating, she settled in Los Angeles and started her own practice, which has since been inundated with celebrity and high profile clients.


What do Inger Martens and Ivan Pavlov have in common?
Oddly enough they share the same birthday, September 14th, albeit almost a century apart. Like Pavlov, she deeply understands the power of classical conditioning. Inger studied his early findings of conditioned response and modernized his approach to train the human dog owner!

Inger redefines the term positive reinforcement, commonly used in dog training. She helps broaden the term to include praise by methods other than mere dog treats, teaching the dog owner to also use voice inflection, foresight, products, and body language with their dogs. This creates a better pattern of understanding and teaches the dog how to behave in a person’s daily routine rather than task oriented tricks, which treat training primarily reinforces. This “new” use of positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of her method: Feng Shui with Fido.™

radio HOST
On Air

2000- Inger let out the real truth about dogs and their owners in her weekly radio show on KLSX- 97.1, the FM talk station, called “Paws for a Minute® with Inger!” A successful call-in format, she hosted and produced the show with celebrity promotions from Rod Stieger, Alicia Siverstone, Francis Fisher and Pierce Brosnan.

Other on air radio interviews have included; WMXQ-Florida “Monk and Kelly Show”, WTMY-Florida “Family Today,” WNNJ-New Jersey “Chris Debello Show,” WKSL-Memphis, Tennessee “Kiss Morning Zoo with Matt Robin and Spanky,” WBEV AM- Beaver Dam, Wisconsin “The Idea Exchange,” KLSX- Los Angeles Sam Rubin- 97.1-The FM Talk Station, KRLA “All about Pets,” KEBQ- Kansas City, Missouri, Y108- Pittsburgh, PA, WBIC- Indianapolis, Indiana. Animal Radio Sirius/XM (2010)

In 2009, Inger wrote and voiced 23 “Paws for a Minute®” training and wellness radio tips for IAMS™. Produced by Westwood One, Inger’s tips aired nationally in 170 markets from October 2008 through May 2009.

dog safetly AWARENESS

In 2002, Inger joined Shaquille O’Neal’s Team at Athletes and Entertainers for Kids as the National Spokesperson for Dog Safety. Inger spoke to hundreds of inner city school children about dog safety through Shaq’s Paq-Stay in School program. Along with her German Shepherd, Bo, she taught kids warning signs of dog aggression, territorialism, safety rules and how cool it is to stay in school. In addition to dog safety, this first of a kind program taught kids lessons of discrimination, patience, goal orientation, responsibility, respect and kindness.


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