The Rin Tin Tin Revival.

As a huge German Shepherd Dog lover,  I could not resist reading Susan Orlean’s new book RIN TIN TIN: THE LIFE AND THE LEGEND.

For those of you who don’t know, Rin-TIn-Tin was a puppy who was found by an American soldier during WW1 in France. He was named after a puppet by the French children who called him Rin-Tin-TIn and given him to the soldier for good luck. They became a team of luck and fortune when he took him back home to Los Angeles just after the war ended, a few months later. The soldier, Lee Duncan, trained him to enviable notice, just as the slow motion camera had been developed. His timing and dedication to his dog was credited by legend to have saved Warner Brothers Studios from bankruptcy and even got him a paw print on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Nicknamed Rinty, word had it that he won the most “best actor votes” at the first Academy Awards in 1929. Crazy, but this gorgeous animal went on to build a career in film, radio and television that carried on throughout many generations.

Susan Orlean takes on this fascinating story, life and journey of a man, little puppy that took on vast dimensions that spanned generations; canine and human. A wonderful gift.

Simon & Schuster, hardcover, $26.99.