Event: SlobberFest Set For May 26th In Toronto Canada

Paws For A Minute® / Travel: Slobberfest 2012 Toronto, Ontario Cananda

Crowning of the King and Queen of Slobber, a maze of vendors, sun and fun! This Saturday May 26th kicks off the annual event that brings out crazy amounts of wet kisses and tail wags. Canine contests are held near the Beach boardwalk just east of downtown Toronto. The Leuty Lifeguard Station over looks the shoreline, which makes this event worth sniffing out. 

For more info contact: Evonne@centre55.com

Pet Travel Accessories Upgraded to Awesome. Check This Out!

Traveling with your pet is made eco-friendly this summer by Sleepypod. The carbon foot print is erased. You get exercise and your pet’s traveling case is perrfect.

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Airline Travel With Pets. An Important Note.

Paws For A Minute® Travel Tip

Meet Q, I recently helped ship him to the east coast due to very sad circumstances. His owner had lost her battle with cancer. He was off to a loving temporary home until his owners sister could take him.  I helped out with his travel arrangements and  learned some interesting things about  shipping pet’s in cargo. There are only two brands of crates that are airline approved.

  • Vari Kennel and Petmate.
  • Make sure the crate is big enough! The dog must be able to sit in the crate allowing 2 inches above his head. Then they must be able to turn around without touching the sides. The measurements of your dog to the crate can be rather confusing. For example, in this case, the crate which was designated right  for his breed was actually deemed too small. We had to get the size bigger in order to comply with airline regulations.
  • Health certificate required (must be within 10 days of travel)
  • Crate needs to have two plastic dishes that attach to crate.
  • Food should be provided in a plastic bag that can be taped to top of the crate.
  • Absorbant crate pad
  • Check weather conditions. Some airlines will not fly pet in cargo above or below certain temperatures, so check on the day you fly your dog.
  • Ask the airline about metal bolts that hold crate together. Both crates that are airline approved have plastic casings on the bolts. The airline I used, required all metal bolts. I got them from a hardware store to remedy this before he flew.
Here is what they look like. The metal butterfly bolt needs to replace the plastic one for flying. Check with the airlines to make sure it’s required and that you have the proper one.
Oh, by the way, he made it to his destination safely and is now enjoying the snow for the first time!

Paws For A Minute® Best Pet Travel Bag. This One Gets Our Vote.

Paws For A Minute® Travel. 

Holidays, going home and taking your dog or cat? This travel bag gets our top vote this year. It’s airline safe, really well made and cute to boot!  Check out: www.sleepypod.com
They also made these really cool travel dishes. They come in yummy colors and are made from squishy material. Use them for travel or as your regular at home dishes.

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