Feng Shui With Fido
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What is Feng Shui With Fido™?
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It’s Inger’s dog training method that teaches owners how to make her fun, quick training tips flow with daily life. She emphasizes how, where, when and why to use products with her tips, and even trains other family members to be on the same page.

Surviving daily life with a dog can mean dealing with behaviors such as raising a puppy, barking, whining, biting, chasing, chewing, digging, destroying furniture, goosing guests, stealing food, and humping. Feng Shui with Fido™ is not about your dog getting it-it’s about getting your dog to function with your lifestyle.

Inger has taken Ivan Pavlov’s early findings of conditioned response and modernized his approach. Instead of conditioning the dog as Pavlov did, Inger’s quick tips are meant to condition the dog owner. The responses of the owner actually train the dog. In other words, Inger’s method creates new positive triggers for dog owners to follow in their daily life patterns with their dogs within the home.
Inger redefines the term positive reinforcement, commonly used in dog training. Teaching the dog owner to also use voice inflection, foresight, products, and body language with their dogs, not just treats. This creates a better pattern of understanding and teaches the dog how to behave in a person’s daily routine rather than task oriented tricks, which treat training primarily reinforces. This "new" use of positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of her method: Feng Shui with Fido™.
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