Renting An Apartment And Owning Dogs. 8 Must-have Tips

Even if your dream apartment does not allow pets, there may be a way to get around it. Begin by creating a resume for your dog. Sound stupid? It worked for me! I once lived in a one-bedroom apartment, in a building where pets were not allowed, with not one but two German Shepherds!

Moving itself is a pain finding an apartment that allows pets can be impossible. Many landlords can and will make an exception, if you make it easy to say yes. Here are some helpful tips.

Paws For A Minute® Quick Tips for pet owners and renting:

  1.  Go see if you like the place first. Then scope out if you like the neighbors and enquire about pets. Also, check to make sure it is close to a park and the neighborhood is suitable for dog walking.
  2. A great idea is to be professional and it can help to go over the top in effort. Compose your dog’s resume. Be sure to include:
  3. Your dog’s name, age and breed.
  4. A letter from a former landlord or neighbor attesting to your dog’s good behavior. Ask the writer to include a phone number, too.
  5. A letter from your vet might be over kill but helpful nonetheless, it might help. Describing your dog’s health and the flea control products that are used can ensure that you are a responsible person.
  6. A dog training certificate from a group obedience class or letter from a trainer, stating that your dog has completed basic obedience and has no housebreaking problems or separation anxiety or barking issues.
  7. A picture of your pup.
  8. Meet the prospective landlord without your dog. If you like the landlord and feel you can approach the issue, give him or her the resume and ask if the rules can be bent.

Having this all prepared when you fill out the rental form may just give you leading edge. Moving can be an all together new issue so stay tuned for more info…