Holiday Leftovers, Find Out What’s Healthy For Dogs

Holiday leftovers can be a great treat for dogs. But did you know that some can cause problems.

A fantastic treat option is sweet potatoes, and dogs LOVE them. No butter, please. Great for dogs that have food allergies and a great money saver alternative to expensive dog treats. Microwave, let cool, slice into cubes and keep refrigerated.

Turkey is also a fantastic snack. However, without the skin and NO BONES. Cooked bones can splinter and cause bad things to happen and be very dangerous, plus it could cost you mucho $$ at the vet.

Honestly, if your dog is not used to human food and you don’t want to create a beggar, coffee table surfer of food snatcher in the future, then try to control yourself. For some dogs and cats, even the hint of a new food can create stomach problems. The whole experience may not be worth the treat with the surprise after effect.

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The real tip for today is that there’s one holiday dish “ingredient” to keep in the pantry, just for your dog! Did you know that “canned” pumpkin is a great natural remedy for your dogs upset stomach. Dog’s love it and it should help solve the problem. Also a great natural treat. A little will go a long way.