Cool Cat Beds: Gift Idea

Great gift idea’s…
I saw these fantastic handmade pet beds and what I really wanted is for this artist make me a sweater! Amazing colors and a must-have unique gift for the holidays. These cute beds will add color to any room in the house and accent like a throw pillow.
The artist is from Boothbay Maine and takes orders.  K’s one-of-a-kind hand-knit pet beds are wool and range from $88.00 USD to $98.00 USD.
Perrfect for cats or even a toy or small breed dogs.
Check it out!

Paws For A Minute® – Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Dog

Thinking about Christmas already… maybe a puppy? I always suggest that when getting a puppy for the holidays to remember the process can be stressful for everyone, including the wet nosed one. So, take your time looking for the right match. You can still have plenty to unwrap and prepare for leading up for the home coming.

Get creative. Collect the things you may need as stocking stuffers and presents to indicate what’s coming to your family. Here are some great ideas to get you started. Check out these beautiful name tags.

I love the idea of these beautiful name tags as a gift, to lead up to the actual puppy. The prices vary between $19.00 -$26.50 USD

All of these tags are handmade and the creation of Tessa Long who lives in Bozeman Montana with her husband and three furry children.

Found on etsy: