What people are saying about Inger

Teaching people how to live in true mutt-rimony makes Inger a favorite with pup culture.
She doesn’t whisper … she tells it like it is.

“The Supernanny of Pets!”
-The New York Post

“The best dog trainer in L.A.”
-Los Angeles Magazine

“Inger’s tips made it easy to apply Wyatt’s training to our lifestyle; Her approach is unique and she’s the best there is.”
-Kevin Costner

“I consider Inger to be in the upper echelon of animal behaviorists/trainers in America. She is considerate, honorable, dedicated, and very compassionate. Her training protocols effect great success and our clients endorse her highly.”
-John B. Winters, MS., DVM., Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital

“A modern-day Dr. Doolittle, with just a touch of Madonna.”
-Dog’s Life Magazine

“Inger’s approach makes sense. She has trained our family to be better owners. Thanks to Inger, Sparky is a beloved member of our family.”
-Kathy Ireland

“Refreshing. . . . Honest — and honestly motivating.”
-Washington Post

“Inger helped Charles get over his good looks and focus on his inside. I am still trying to become as smart as he is.”
-James Perse

“Inger is a miracle worker. It’s going great—like night and day.”
-Skyler Hynes

“Inger’s terrific and teaches everything really simply, which has given us great results with our dog, Momo!”
-Alan Rosenberg & Marg Helgenberger

“We followed Inger’s instructions and our dogs are behaving great. We loved having her raise them!”
-Pam Levy, Owner of Juicy Couture

“Before Inger, I couldn’t have anyone visit my home without my two dogs charging the front door, jumping on guests, goosing them as they walked down the hall and even scaring people when they would lunge and bark. It was complete pandemonium. After a few sessions, I learned how to take complete control. Now, my guests always compliment my well-behaved dogs.”
-Corlyn Katz